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Christmas Dance Party

111 members and guests attended our Christmas dance party on Friday 15 December 2017. All had a joyous time with delicious food, happy dancing and warm friendship.

2017 Xmas Dance Photos.mp4

2017 MWDC Xmas Dance Party.mp4

Annual Ball

MWDC Annual Ball was held on the 7 July 2017. A total of 95 members and guests attended.

2017 MWDC Annual Ball

Mother's Day

Last Friday night dance at the interim venue with Mother's Day supper. Ladies with "roses" created by May K.

Good Friday

First of our five Friday dances at the interim venue, Forestville Youth Centre on 14 April 2017

3rd AGM

The 3rd AGM were held on Friday 10 March 2017



24 Feb - Many happy returns to Moh Tang and Stanley

2017 CNY Dance

The Club celebrated 2017 Lunar New Year on 3 Feb with a sumptuous potluck supper. We provided Yee Sang and other main dishes. Members and guests brought a dish each to share. We're also entertained by a performance of Chinese folk dance.

2017 Lunar New Year Dance

MWDC Lunar NY Party - Folk Dance Performance.mp4

Tossing of Yee Sang.mp4